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frame rate, Real-time experiments, opening the black box, re-activating the reception location, deconstructing cinema, reconstructing cinema, sequential ordering and random ordering, AC as artistic raw material, visualizing mathematical concepts, algorithm, ensemble cinema, overtone, harmonic, montage, custom-made software, art from data, auditory fingerprints, continuity, inertia turned into force, an on-off switch as a writing tool, hardware random number generator, simple electrical circuit, binary Logic, countable loops, unpredictable clockwork by time difference

勤力電路1.4 – 開著了的投影機 (持續創作)》

電流訊號的流動是耗時的過程。在版本1.4 中,作品強調繼電過程的時限及持續時間。以《勤力電路1.2》為例,每4.5 秒,電流平均通過360 個繼電開關。這是藝術家展開勤力電路最新版本的基礎。最新版本中,電路上1秒能把80個繼電器逐一啟動。這種計算連繫到我們對電影時間的認知,由傳統以1秒24格為標準的菲林影片徹底改變成一部1秒80幀的影像投影機。對此王氏以電影作典故,並嘗試在概念上開拓其形式。問題亦繼續延續下去:觀眾如何體驗這個1 秒80 格的視覺呈示?觀眾如何描敍在作品中的時間經驗?在眾多的5 秒繼電故事裡,觀眾得到了什麼?他們在連續而無間斷的5 秒情節入面,會建構出怎樣的故事?
王鎮海的《勤力電路1.4 ‒ 開著了的投影機 (持續創作)》把交流電化作電影的素材。作品以多個繼電器串聯而成,骨牌式的接連啟動,直到沿途各個終端電器被開啟。開關按鈕開啟,數秒間近百個繼電器逐個啟動,近似傳統投影機每秒鐘運行24格菲林般,只是王的作品的「數秒」卻重新喚召訪者的好奇 – 到底「數秒」有多長?「數秒」所盛載的微細過程和精巧描述有甚麼可能?訪者觀看著電力飛舞間斷的座落於藝術家隨心設定的多個落點以至最後「終局」。王鎮海所安排的電「路」書寫著具時間性的流程,帶鮮明的起承轉合,是絕不苟且的微敘事。故事呢?就由觀者自行想像了。

Wong Chun-hoi’s hardworking circuit #1.4 – A switched-on projector work-in-progress (2018)

A circuit physically functions as a sequence of successive on-off switches that form a domino structure. A bunch of switches, turned on sequentially in serial ordering, will “terminate” after turning on all electronic/everyday objects one by one. The selection of objects to be turned on the sequence is the key to discovering the playful artistic possibilities afforded by the timeframe generated by the circuit’s physical manifestation. Each iteration, ignited by pressing the “on” button, initiates a process comparable to a movie sequence unfolding in the form of x frames per second, like a micro narrative, whereby the audience study the causal drama of electricity dancing through within a set timeframe with a visible, spectacular process and a curious “denouement” 結局、終局.
The repetitive relay designed into the circuit ends with an electronic clock, the “denouement,” whereas the conspicuous objects along the relay are suggested or revealed on a TV monitor connected to hidden web cams in various parts of the venue. While electricity has always been taken for granted in media art, Wong takes up electricity as an artistic raw material, to perform its manifestation in many physical forms.It takes several seconds to turn on all sections of relay successively one by one. With this, Wong preserves his work’s allusion to cinema in a conceptually expanded form. The question remains: how do visitors experience this procedural visual presentation? How would they describe their experience of time in this work? What would visitors get out of each of the many 5-second relay narratives in the show? And what about a narrative they may construct on the spot with many continuous, consecutive 5-second segments?
The hardworking circuit series began in 2015 as experiments, published at Oil Street and the Floating Projects. hardworking circuit 1.3 has won the Gold Award, Media Art category in the ifva 2018 competition. Gao Shiqiang, one of the jurors, commented, “This artist attempts to delay the completion of the route from A to B, and makes something out of this clever idea. The root itself is very complicated, and reflects what our daily lives are about, that you often have to go through a lot of things before you get to the final destination.”

Exhibition Record

Installation Set

I feel very difficult to explain and make documentation

please take a quick look on the space

Alt text
6/F Foo Tak Building

Detail Components along the circuit

Stop watch

Alt text

This is the position where you should be able to access the on/off button

Alt text

A closer look CCTV monitor. There are 4 channels of unknown video clips that show the live feed of some camera image capture along the circuit

Alt textAlt text

Then here's start the relay sequence

Alt text

motor on floor

Alt text

on the wall side, here's a series of synchrozing motors. Each motors has a acylic strip attached on the rotation axis that swing like a clock ?

Alt text

the relay sequence circuit continue along the wall. Here's the 2nd part of the wall.

A camera is pointing to a toy fish on floor. While the pink toy fish occasinally flip its tail

towards the end of this wall (right hand side), A sheep sound noise maker toy is rotated by a motor.

the relay circuit continues......

Alt text

when the electricity trigger reach the kitchen, it turns on a tripple (or double?) pendulum that drived by a almost-malfunctioned stepper motor. Another camera is pointing to this pendulum as well.

Alt text

it comes back to the room. A camera is pointing to the relays

how the relays push forward ... almost to the end

Alt text

another angle

Tally Counter , it is indeed drived by a string that attached to a solenoid. +1 when the electricital reach to the end of the circuit. Yes. That's the end point triggering #1.

Alt text

Close up on the flip clock that hacked by a stepper motor. I pasted a flipping animation sequence on the clock. (60 frames #00-#59). This is trying to show how the electricity flow.

Alt text
Alt text

Last ending triggering (#3): I hacked a spinning Gym toy. When it is triggered, it is like you press the yellow button on that toy.

Alt text
Alt text


Alt textAlt textAlt textAlt textAlt text

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